Free Michigan tests Proficiency – ECPE world Exam-Pack

Free Michigan tests Proficiency – ECPE world Exam-Pack

Αγγλικά Proficiency, πολλά τεστ δωρεάν για πρακτική εξάσκηση

 Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE)

Michigan free tests Proficiency-ecpe exam online

These Proficiency Exam tests will help you a lot to pass successfully the Michigan Proficiency exam.
We recommend not only to take the tests many times but also to study them very carefully in order to remember them very well for the exam.
The Certificate of Proficiency (ECPE) constitutes an official certification of knowledge of the English language at the C2 level as outlined by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). It is awarded by the University of Michigan.
Here we have written a lot of free Michigan ECPE practice tests online for your practice.The free exercises cover all the fields of the exams: reading, listening, writing essays and speaking models.
INSTRUCTIONS  Please read carefully:
To complete each test you have to answer all the questions. For each test there is a time limit exactly as in the real exams. You must try to complete the test within the time limit, otherwise you’ll have to take the test again.
To pass the test successfully you must get at least 80% correct answers.
Take the tests as many times as possible.
When you have answered all the questions, to see your results, click on the button Verify.
Free Practice Proficiency (ecpe) tests
Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, speaking
Grammar and vocabulary tests
01 test Grammar
02 test Vocabulary
03 test Grammar
04 test Vocabulary
05 test Grammar
06 test Vocabulary
07 test Grammar
08 test Vocabulary
Reading comprehension (passages)
01 Reading passage
02 Reading passage
03 Reading passage
04 reading passage
05 Reading passage
06 Reading passage
07 Reading passage
08 Reading passage
09 reading passage
10 reading passage
Listening comprehension
01 listening test
02 listening test
03 listening test
04 listening test
05 listening test
06 listening test
07 listening test
08 listening test
09 listening test
10 listening test
Writing essays
model Proficiency Essays  
Let’s Talk
Speaking model topics

more free lessons online

many Phrasal Verbs1
many Phrasal Verbs2
Proficiency idioms free
Creative Writing