Αγγλικά, δωρεάν FC – lower εκθέσεις, Free English FC essays

Δωρεάν FC – lower εκθέσεις, Free English FC compositions

Δωρεάν FC - lower εκθέσεις, Free Cambridge FC compositions

D.Education english Projects Cambridge FC compositions free

H D.Education D.Sclias σας προσφέρει Δωρεάν Cambridge lower compositions – εκθέσεις , για να μπορέσετε να περάσετε με επιτυχία τις εξετάσεις FCLower Diploma του πανεπιστημίου Cambridge


1. Letters of Complaint 
You ordered five CDs over the Internet. Your order took a lot of time to be delivered, and you were not happy with the CDs you received.

Read the advert (below) for the Internet site, together with your notes. Then, using all the information, write a letter to the company explaining why you are not satisfied. Ask for a partial refund.
Get the music you want –the fast, easy way. Order from our enormous
Collection at MUSIC.com.
Our special deal delivery will get the CDs to your door
Within two weeks – anywhere in the world.
-One CD missing
-One CD scratched
-Took a month
-Cheaper at local shop
-Ask for some money back!
Dear Sir / Madam, 
I am writing in connection with CDs which I ordered from your company.I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed with the service, the quality and the prices. 
First of all, you claim that you make deliveries within two weeks. In fact, the CDs took an entire month to get to me. In addition,the CDs themselves were not at all satisfactory. One CD is scratched and cannot be used, while another CD that I had orderedwas not even included in the package. 
Finally, you claim to have the lowest prices of any shop, but this is not the case. I discovered that my local music shop offersprices that are actually slightly lower than yours. 
In view of what has happened, I would like a partial refund which would cover the cost of the scratched and missing disks. I feel this refund should also include compensation for the slow delivery and the misleading information you gave about your prices. 
I would appreciate an early reply.
Yours faithfully, 
Jack Thompson


A group of students is coming to visit your town. The group leader has asked you to write a report describing the local entertainment facilities and recommending a place where students can spend a free evening (140-180 words)
The aim of this report is to describe the entertainment facilities in our town and recommend a place for visiting studentsto spend an evening. 
Our town has a large mall where the shops are open until 10.30 pm. Its food court offers a variety of snacks and meals. 
The mall contains a cinema complex which screens eight films simultaneously, and a bowling alley with 30 lanes and a pizza place. 
Arts and Crafts Fair 
In the old part of town, artists and craftspeople sell jewellery and handicrafts on summer evenings when the weather allows. Street entertainers such as jugglers and acrobats can usually be seen. The surrounding lanes have a number of small coffee bars and restaurants. Recommendation 
My suggestion is to visit the arts and crafts fair because it is special to our town and allows visitors to feel its atmosphere, while malls are much the same everywhere. The fair would also give the students a chance to buy souvenirs as they walk through it. They couldthen relax in a nearby restaurant or coffee bar. 

3. Expressing Your Opinion

You had a class discussion about art. Your teacher has now asked you to write a composition giving your opinions on the following statement:  “The ART museum – A good choice for a School Trip?”
Some people question whether art museums are a good place to take students on school trips. In my opinion, they are
a very worthwhile destination. 
First of all, the purpose of school trips is to teach students about the world outside school. A museum is the perfect placeto do this because there students can see real works of art close up. 
Secondly, every person should have the opportunity to be exposed to culture. For students who are not taken to art museums
by their parents, school trips may provide their only chance to see art. 
Finally, a school trip to a museum is often more worthwhile than an individual trip. Schools are given a guided tour which is suitableto the age level of the students. In this way, students learn to appreciate art more than they would on their own. 

In conclusion, I believe that a visit to an art museum is an excellent way to learn about culture. Therefore, art museums should
continue to be a destination for school trips. 

4. Informal Letters

Your pen friend has been asked to organize a trip for a group of young people visiting your town .Your friend has written to you, asking what local landmarks and sights would be interesting for young people to visit in your area.
Dear Liana,
It was great to get your letter. I’m happy to hear that you’re planning to visit Brighton soon and that we’ll get a chance to meet. 
There are lots of interesting sights here for your group to visit. First of all, Brighton is a seaside town with long stretches of beautiful seashore. The pier is the kind of place that’s just right for young people. It’s full of amusement arcades and fairground rides. I’m sure you and your friends will enjoy it. 
The most famous sight in Brighton is the Royal Pavilion. It’s the strangest and most exotic old palace in England, built in a mixture of Indian and Chinese styles. Both the outside and the inside are absolutely amazing. 
Another place that’s a must is The Lanes, a charming shopping area with old, narrow streets containing antiques, jewellery and fashions. This part of Brighton is one of my favourite places. If I were you, I’d plan to take the group to eat at one of the restaurants there. 
I know you’re great at organizing, so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble planning an enjoyable trip for your group. When exactly are you coming? I can’t wait to see you! 

5. Articles  Making Suggestions

You see this advertisement in your school magazine:
Our Home Away from Home
School is a place where we spend many hours every day.
How can it be improved?
Write an article giving your suggestions.
The winning article will be published in the magazine. (140-180 words)
Our Home Away From Home 
Although school is a place where students spend much of their time, many students dislike going there. I would like to suggest several ways to make school a more pleasant place. 
One way would be to give students more of a say in what they study. If students could study subjects they like, they would look forward to attending lessons. Therefore, more of the schedule should be given to each student to decide. 
Another possibility would be to change the way classrooms are set up. Classrooms should be colorful, friendly places, with curtains, rugs and posters. Students should sit in a circle rather than in rows. These steps would make the atmosphere more relaxed and less official. 
Thirdly, marks should be done away with. Report cards ought to contain written comments and progress reports by teachers. This would reflect the achievements of each student better than a number. 
To sum up, changes should be made in schedules, classrooms and marking systems. This would go a long way in improving the atmosphere at school. 

6. Letters of Invitation 

You are helping your school organize a sports day for your town.

You have been asked to write a letter to Mr. Black, the headmaster of another school, to invite his pupils to participate.
Read the notice about the sports day and your notes. Then using all the information write a letter to Mr. Black
We are pleased to announce that our school will be holding our
Thursday, 5th May – 10am – 6pm
Come and have a great time!
G. Brown School Sports Committee.
Your Notes
-Tell date, time, place, activities
-Explain about Sports Day
-Explain why at our school
-Ask if the pupils can help
Dear Mr Black, 
I am writing on behalf of the sports committee of  G.Brown School. We would like to invite the pupils and staff of your school to our Annual Sports Day. 
Sports Day will take place on Thursday, 5th May, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. It will be a day of fun and excitement, with many types of games, competitions, relay races and other activities. In addition, we plan to have refreshments throughout the day. 
The purpose of Sports Day is to encourage unity and sportsmanship among students. The activities demand great effort, but everything is done in a spirit of fun. We feel that having you join us will extend this spirit of unity to include both of our schools. 
Please let us know if you can accept our invitation. If you can, we would appreciate it if you could help us by bringing some of the equipment we need and assisting us at the refreshment stands. Perhaps your pupils could also give us ideas for new types of activities and competitions. 
We look forward to hearing from you. 
Yours sincerely, 
Sonia Baker


A complaint

I want to complain about a recent trip I took with my family to South Africa. We spent a week at Noah’s Ark Safari and I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed.
For a start, we were unhappy with the services provided by the park staff.
Your advertisement states that expert guides would take visitors on daily excursions to see the wildlife in the park.
However, we found that the guides were frequently unable to answer even the simplest questions about the animals. Furthermore, during our stay, we were only taken, on three field trips.
Secondly, my family was displeased with the hotel accommodation. You claimed that the hotel was luxurious. Instead, we were annoyed to find that the sheets were dirty and the doors could not be locked.
Moreover, the air­ conditioners in our rooms did not work, and we suffered terribly from the heat.
Under the circumstances, I would appreciate a full refund for our stay at Noah’s Ark Safari.

How can cheating in exams be prevented?

Cheating in exams has become a widespread problem in our schools. Many students feel that they should be more involved in finding a solution to this problem.
One way to prevent cheating is for students to understand what dishonesty is. It is dishonest to ask a fellow student for help and also to give help in a test. Some students who provide help believe that they are only helping out a friend. If the problem were discussed in class, students might realise that the only way to learn is to see what mistakes they make, even if it means, getting a lower mark. Students who think they are helping others are defeating the learning purpose.
Another possibility would be for students to take responsibility for punishing offenders. For example, someone caught cheating, would have to attend a student meeting. During the meeting, the students would decide together on a suitable punishment.
If it is a first offence, the offender could retake the exam. However, if the student has cheated before, a stricter punishment would be necessary.
To sum up, increasing student awareness and responsibility will help to prevent cheating. In my opinion, a combination of both these steps will go a long way towards solving the problem.

Writing Model

Talking about famous people.

Fame is something which can be achieved in many ways, whether through money, work or reputation. However, while rich people may be well known, someone who has gained their fame through hard work or good deeds is far more admirable.
Athina Onassis, for example, is treated like royalty every time she visits Greece, although her only claim to fame is that she will eventually inherit a fortune. Her grandfather, Aristotle Onassis (1906-75), made his fortune through hard work and so was more admired.
Another famous worker was the engineer and architect, Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923). The Eiffel Tower, built in 1889, has come to rep­resent Paris and has made his name famous throughout the world.
Charity work is even more worthy of admiration. Mother Theresa (1910-1997) was a church missionary in Calcutta, India, for most of her life. She never wanted to become rich, and her kindness and gen­erosity were rewarded with the Nobel peace prize in 1979.
Princess Diana was also known for her charity work. She first became famous when she married Prince Charles in 1981, but soon showed herself to be more than a rich, beautiful woman. Her work to help AIDS victims and to ban the use of landmines made an enormous differ­ence to our society. Her tragic death in 1997 also reminds us that fame is not always worth having and can create more sadness than joy.

Writing Model

Talking about humour

Different people have different ideas about what is funny. Some kinds of humour are fairly international. The “Mr Bean» programmes, for example, are popular all around the world, perhaps due to the fact that they rely on funny actions and facial expressions.
Many other come­dians also use these techniques to emphasize their style of humour. The telling of jokes is also a popular pastime which is, however, limited by the language in which they’re being told. There is nothing worse than not being able to understand the punch line!
A practical joke means playing a trick on somebody. While these can be very funny if done in good taste, there is a tendency for the joke to be overdone and the risk of somebody’s feelings being hurt. Similarly, there is a fashion for televi­sion programmes to show videos of such jokes or of people having “funny” accidents. If these reach the point where we are laughing at somebody who has been badly injured or made so angry it is no longer humorous.
The funniest things are probably those which occur in everyday life; a child confusing its words or somebody’s silly reaction to a simple event. It is always most important to have a sense of humour and to be capable, if necessary, of laughing at ourselves.

Writing model

Talking about travelling abroad.

Given the opportunity, most of us would love to visit for­eign places. However, time and budget can be a problem, so we are often limited to taking short holidays, usually in popular sunny resorts. While these can be great fun, they can also be disastrous because they are frequently over­crowded , nosy and stressful. It is also unlikely that we will have the opportunity to visit other places in that country.
An alternative is to book a short-tour holiday, which might cover a country in a matter of days. These introduce the holidaymaker to many places and ideas, but unfortu­nately they are often too exhausting to be really enjoyable. They are also very frustrating, as there is rarely enough time to see everything properly.
To overcome these disadvantages, many people decide to travel independently for a much longer period of time. These people give themselves plenty of time to explore and appreciate the places they visit.
They might even stay in one favourite place for some months, living and working there. The obvious disadvantage of this is that it usually means backpacking on a very tight budget, which can be difficult, not to mention tiring.
However, the experiences are gained generally make it extremely worthwhile and give these people a much better understanding of the world.

Writing model

Talking about celebrations and traditions

There are many celebrations throughout the year, most of which are religious. In the Christian world, the two main occasions are Christmas and Easter. Most people, especially children, love Christmas. Held on 25th December, it is a good opportunity to have some fun in the middle of winter. In the days leading up to Christmas, people decorate Christmas trees with brightly-coloured lights and decorations.
Towns put up special streetlights and the shops have beautiful window displays. There are many parties and people go carol singing, especially on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day in Britain, most families go to church and then have a big dinner with roast turkey and Christmas pudding.
People exchange presents and cards, and of course the children open stockings which have supposedly been filled by Santa Claus the previous evening.
Easter, held during spring, celebrates the Resurrection of Christ. The main celebration is on Easter Sunday, but before that, there is a period of preparation. Many people fast by not eating certain food.
People go to church, and eggs are painted bright colours. On Easter Day itself, it is traditional to eat roast lamb and to exchange chocolate eggs. It is also an opportunity to enjoy the first warm weather of the year.
The end